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The Garden City, Victoria British Columbia Canada

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Millions of tourists flock to Canada’s West Coast every year, eager to witness its natural beauty. Victoria BC has Canada’s best climate all year. This city sets the bar for Canadian tourist destinations. Oceanside has a climate that allows flowers to blossom all year long and is easily accessible by foot.

Victoria, a garden city, is well-known for its flowers and mild climate. Yet, Victoria’s location on Vancouver Island at the south end of the island isolates it from British Columbia and Canada. Many people still don’t know much about the city. Vancouverites may not travel to Victoria due the distance. However, a day trip from Vancouver will prove worthwhile.

Victoria BC: A Brief History

Victoria, now Victoria, was established 170 years ago in Fort Victoria by James Douglas of Hudson’s Bay Company. Douglas leased the British region and was responsible to ensure that Victoria did not fall into the hands the Americans. Douglas knew they would choose to divide Canada from the US at the 49th Parallel. Victoria lies below 49th parallel. British Columbia would retain the land if it established operations in Victoria.

The Goldrush of late 1850’s brought 25,000 new gold seekers to the Victoria area. The Victoria Goldrush quickly faded and the newly named Free Port of Victoria became the hub of trade in mining and lumber, fishing,brewing and shipbuilding. The population of the city grew to over 20,000 in 1900. This period saw the construction of many of Victoria’s most valuable buildings, such as The Empress Hotel (British Columbia Parliament Buildings) and The Empress Hotel (The Empress Hotel).

Fly to Victoria with the BC Ferry Service from Vancouver or Tsawwassen. Or, take the Coho Ferry from Port Angeles, Washington State. It usually takes around an hour for the ferry to cross Straight of Georgia.

Tourist Attractions

Walking, horse drawn carriage rides, or double decker bus tours are all options to explore Victoria’s tourist attractions. You will find galleries, microbreweries and museums as well as many bistros and restaurants that can provide you with several days of sightseeing. The Inner Harbour and Empress Hotel are major tourist attractions. Vancouver Island’s native art is another major attraction. Although the Royal British Columbia Museum houses a large collection, you can also find many more items in shops all over Victoria.

Victoria’s Harbour

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Tourists enjoy the popular tourist spots of Fisherman’s Wharf and the inner harbour. There are many entertainers and artisans who offer entertainment and artistic creations. Many boats are moored on the dock, including restored historical ships and sailing ships. The dock has a fishing dock that is commercially available. Fresh fish are plentiful.

China Town

Victoria’s Chinatown, Canada’s first Chinatown, is small enough that it’s easy to take a stroll. It is just two blocks in length, but it has many interesting shops and artist studios. The Gate of Harmonious Interest is the entrance. It’s a red and green-tiled archway, which also contains two hand-carved stones lions.

The Parliament Buildings are located adjacent to Royal British Columbia Museum. Its collection contains 7 million items and four featured galleries. The natural history gallery describes and illustrates the characteristics of BC’s oceans and forests. This gallery provides a wonderful way to learn more about BC’s native art, including masks and totems. You can also see Giant Woolly Mammoths.

Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens is a world-famous attraction that attracts seniors and tourists alike. Butchart Gardens is located 13 miles north from Victoria and are easily accessible via highway. Many tour companies and Via Rail offer seniors discounts to Butchart Gardens. Jeanette Butchart spent nine years creating this sunken garden in an abandoned quarry that is almost 40 feet deep. 60 full-time gardeners plant 250,000 flowers and bulbs each year. They are also lit by miles upon miles of electric cord, which also powers a water fountain.

Victoria Hotels

You will need accommodation if you plan to visit Victoria for a short trip, weekend, full week, or even longer. There are several exceptional resorts that offer luxurious accommodations, such as the Fairmont Empress Hotel or Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort & Spa. You can also find many bed and Breakfast inns. Travel BC’s accommodation guide can help you locate more hotels. The city also has many low-cost hotels.

Victoria, whether you visit it in summer or winter, will offer you exceptional weather and an experience that is unique to Canada.

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